10 Best Restaurants in Normandy

Normandy’s culinary heritage is one of the best places worth exploring, not because of the huge range of fantastic ingredients produced in the region. At Normandy, you will find succulent seafood, games dishes, and robust duck. There is a wide range of in Normandy that will leave anyone who loves food salivating. To ensure you visit the right restaurants, we have put a list of the top 10 best restaurants to visit in Normandy.

Les P’tits Parapluies

The restaurant is refined, romantic and peaceful. It is situated in a little-known square close to the St-Ouen church. It owes its name to the half-timbered appearance which was once an umbrella factory. While at this restaurant, Chef Marc Andrieu will serve you up with a Norman cuisine that has a contemporary twist. Additionally, you can expect plenty of pork, veal, and duck options. Also, you can enjoy plates of seafood like emulsions, oyster and fruity regional desserts. Some rare occasions, you can find quick cold dessert recipes

Le Breard

Le Breard is one of the Honfleur’s finest restaurant. It is situated along the narrow streets near the wooden Ste. Catherine church. If you are someone who is yearning for Norman cuisine, Le Breard will make some refreshing antidotes suing light cooking methods. Be sure to enjoy the poached oysters spiced up with ingredients like wasabi.

Le Pily

An endearing and intimate little-known restaurant in the Cherbourg city, Le Pily exclusively specializes in local, fresh and seasonal produce. Meaning, it does not have a specific menu. The dishes change every month depending on the season time. However, the chefs’ mastery of the regional delicacies including pigeons, locally caught fish, cheese, and crustaceans, each meal guarantees you something memorable.

Jean-Luc Tartarin

In Normandy’s, Jean-Luc is one of the plushest and fine dining restaurants. If you having a tighter budget, this is the best place for you to be at. Nonetheless, it upholds French culinary traditions and ever-changing menus that are tied to seasons.

Yver Chocolatier

Yver has been making quality and extraordinary chocolates since 1946. So, if you have sweet teeth, Yver Chocolatier is the best place for you to be at. Additionally, Yver is an accomplished patisserie. It offers delicious and well-presented cakes, pastries and a melt in the mouth macaroons.

La Petite Auberge

La Petite is a cozy little restaurant situated along the casino a couple of streets back from the beach. The restaurant features an ever-changing seasonal menu, although it has little space, so you need to book your space before you visit the restaurant.

Comptoir de la Presqu’ile

This restaurant is the least formal in Normand’s area. Although the owners offer fixed-price menu, they are likely to offer brasserie style in case you require one. Around summertime, tables spread across the quay. In addition, they are a specialist in making seafood. You can get unfussy grilled meat too at this restaurant.


Operated by best well-known chef Gilles Tournadre, the restaurant occupies a chic ground floor space across the rejuvenated riverfront form the Seine. Truffles and Lobsters are on the high priced menu of this restaurant. With the mouthwatering desserts, every meal turns out more traditional and enjoyable.

L’Accolade par Pierre Lefebvre

The restaurants sit at the shadows of William the Conqueror castle. However, when it comes to the best dining experience in Caen, it is the one casting shadows. The restaurant is run by Pierre Lefebvre one of the widely known self-taught chefs, the stylish bistro serves some extraordinary yet unpretentious food using seasonal and local produce.

Fromageries Graindorge

There will never be a complete trip to Normandy without going to the fromageries. It is one of the best places for cheese in the region. Additionally, they uphold traditional and local cheese making methods to produce one the famous and best cheese. Besides, they also serve smooth and soft pungent cow cheese.

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